The connection between communication, mind and health

“Lead the way,” the soul said to the body, “he doesn’t listen to me, but maybe he’ll listen to you.” “I’ll get sick, then he’ll have time for you,” the body said to the soul. (Ulrich Schaffer)


The prerequisite for successful personal and professional communication is being aware of our thoughts and feelings and their underlying formative experiences, influences and decisions.

Contrary to common belief, communication does not, first and foremost, consist of language. It’s a proven fact that 90% of our impact on others is dominated by nonverbal communication – body language. Only if our body language is consistent with the things we say, we appear authentic and can convince our counterpart or audience. When the spoken word and the body language don’t match, we won’t be understood.

Even the Buddha recognized that our thoughts shape and control the body. However, it would be short-sighted to conclude that we just need to have positive thoughts in order to develop convincing body language.

A human being is a unit of soul, mind and body. We can only be authentic if all three are in balance. Without knowing it, this balance is upset early in our lives – through education, role models and formative experiences we might not even remember later on. Due to these influences, we make – usually unconscious – decisions even in our childhood. Thus, we internalize a belief system that develops deep roots in our unconscious mind. These beliefs then go on to influence our self-perception, our emotions and basic view of life. They, in turn, influence our facial expressions, gestures, posture and presence. In the course of our lives, they may also cause supposedly inexplicable physical complaints or unconscious – and even conscious – conflicts and blockages. Often, our conflicts with other people reflect parts of ourselves.

On the path to sustained positive changes to our health and communication habits, we must uncover our unconscious behavior patterns and strategies.

If we understand our own selves and can determine our direction, we will be able to communicate in a relaxed, authentic and autonomous way – and be perfectly clear. Only then can we understand, lead and convince others.

The techniques I developed will show you the way.

EVERYTHING is communication – communication is EVERYTHING


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