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Communication is much more complex than we realize. How we look at another person (if we look at them), how we move and dress, the sound of our voice and our basic approach to life – all of these things send a much clearer message than our words do.

90% of our communication is non-verbal. Our body language is an expression of our deepest convictions and unconscious decisions we have internalized due to early formative experiences. These formative experiences are often the cause of supposedly inexplicable health issues.

Verbal communication – controlled by the conscious mind – only accounts for a maximum of 10% of the impression we make on others.

Based on many years of experiences, I have developed techniques for one-on-one sessions that can help us uncover your unconscious patterns and strategies and their impact. This leads to profound changes, more autonomy and agency. The process results in positive changes to your communication and your health.

Do you have the courage to free yourself from as yet unconscious patterns? Discover who you really are and learn to communicate and act with confidence – in a relaxed, authentic and convincing way.

EVERYTHING is communication – communication is EVERYTHING


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